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Microsoft - Artificial Intelligence Track


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key drivers of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

That’s why, AI came 4th in LinkedIn’s top 10 of the hard skills that companies needed most in 2020. What are the foundational principles of AI that drive the products and services of tomorrow? And what are the skills required to design and build your own AI solutions?

This LUNA academy Industry Track will help you learn everything that’s required to help you advance your career in machine learning (ML) and AI engineering.

You will enjoy accessing the online course content modules, hands-on labs and then celebrate your course completions and successful course achievement through our digital credentialing mechanism in the LUNA academy Learning Platform as well as relevant certification exam vouchers associated on this industry certification track.

Offered through a collaboration with Microsoft, this LUNA academy track will teach you the fundamentals of AI with the use of Azure cloud and provide you with the skills to design, develop and implement an AI solution using Microsoft Azure platform.

This track includes role-based certification exam vouchers for Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) and Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-100), Microsoft Official Digital Books and 4-Hours of Blended Learning Mentorship Session with our Industry experts and blended learning mentor partners.


Learn an intuitive approach to building the complex models that help machines solve real-world problems with human-like intelligence.


Learn how to frame reinforcement learning problems, tackle classic examples, explore basic algorithms from dynamic programming, temporal difference learning, and progress towards larger state space using function approximation and DQN (Deep Q Network).


A high-level overview of AI to learn how Machine Learning provides the foundation for AI, and how you can leverage cognitive services in your apps.


Learn about the pieces of a modern automatic speech recognition (ASR) system as we cover fundamental acoustic and linguistic theory, data preparation, language modeling, acoustic modeling, and decoding.


A thorough introduction to cutting-edge technologies applied to Natural Language Processing.


A deep dive into Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Semantic Segmentation using the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.


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