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An Online Learning Platform that Provides Affordable & Globally-Recognized Certifications

Open New Career opportunities

Get started with LUNA Academy, the future-ready online learning platform. We offer various course for your desired career path to prepare you for the working world. Craft and develop your personal brand to be able to stand out.

LUNA Academy is an online learning platform that provides high-quality, affordable, industry-grade, and widely accessible future-ready skills training. We deliver quality training and education that help every Filipino achieve success.

The LUNA Academy Edge: Why choose LUNA?

World Class Online Courses & Industry Programs

Vast array of self-paced online short courses and industry-grade microcredential programs from our consortium of global platinum technology partners, top tier local education institutions, specialist corporate affiliates and Philippine government agencies

Hands On Labs

Live and cloud-based lab environments with pre-installed software applications and tools that are aligned to each specific technology course without the need for manual setups and hardware limitations. This allows learners to perform practical hands-on lab exercises straight through the browser and be graded by mentors ahead of course completion - anytime, anywhere.

Affordable Certification Courses

Innovative platform integrated in the platform that allows learners to schedule on-demand technology course experts and industry practitioners from the pool of our blended learning mentor partners locally and across the APAC region for one-on-one remote mentoring sessions for guidance on hands on lab activities and course modules. Our blended learning mentors also facilitate our relevant webinars integrated on specific course or program as additional value to learners.

Digital Credentials

The credentialing feature is the way we celebrate learner course achievements and successful program completions. These are blockchain authenticated digital certificates and badges that are issued upon accomplishment of designated hands on lab activities and courses that can be shared and added on learners' LinkedIn profile and social media network.

Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications are bundled official exam vouchers being given to each learner under specific programs that are usually being awarded by our global technology partners such as Microsoft, UiPATH, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tableau and more.

Job & Career Linkages

The ultimate goal for upskilling and reskilling is to achieve higher employability and quality of livelihood in today's economy. Our major integration partnerships with local and regional job classifieds and recruitment platforms enable us to help and connect learners to career opportunities as we prepare the next generation of Filipino workforce towards future-ready jobs and the modern workplace.

An Online Learning Platform that Provides Affordable & Globally-Recognized Certifications


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