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Mezze Platter with Bazlama Bread

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Mezze are defined as small plates that are enjoyed in the Mediterranean, particularly Greece, Turkey, North Africa and the Balkan states. Mezze is both a meal and a way of life . It highlights many factors of the renowned Mediterranean Diet. It is a meal meant to be shared, it has a large focus on vegetables, grains and plant proteins, and it is served in small plates. In creating this Mezze platter , the student gets to experience and create a true Mediterranean meal highlighting essential ingredients.


 Marc Chalopin

Chef Marc Chalopin



Ducasse Education handpicked French Chef Marc Chalopin as the executive chef of Ducasse Education Philippines, to maintain the standards of Alain Ducasse and ensure that the philosophy, culinary principles and techniques are properly transmitted to students. He has 32 years of kitchen and teaching experience. He worked with two of the most exceptional and world-acclaimed chefs, Joel Robuchon first and then with Alain Ducasse at the 59 Poincaré of Le Relais du Parc. He worked again for three years with Joel Robuchon and six years with Louis Grondard in restaurant Drouant, where the academy that confers the French literary award Prix Goncourt converges annually. He also worked with Alain Reix at the Eiffel Tower restaurant Jules Verne in Paris. After many years of experience in the restaurants, he decided to transmit his know-how joining Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and then as its opening executive chef in Seoul, South Korea. Chef Chalopin joined Ducasse Education and Enderun in 2008 to supervise the culinary program in Manila, control the quality of instructors and curriculum, teach advanced culinary classes, as well as partner with suppliers to get the best produce, materials, and equipment available.

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