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The SPARK Track

The SPARK Track

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  • Develop the right mindset on how to spot opportunities quickly and adapt to changes effectively
  • Develop the right heartset to identify an individual's passion and hone perseverance to realize one's purpose
  • Develop the right skillset to pursue entrepreneurship that adds value to society

SAGE Roadmap/Journey

Introducing the School of Agility, Grit, and Entrepreneurship, the newest online entrepreneurial school that aims to provide a holistic learning journey to individuals by equipping them with agility, grit, and entrepreneurship as competencies, providing them real-life business applications, giving them international guidance support and access to global startup opportunities.

We provide four unique stages for the learning journey. Spark, Adopt, Grow, and Excel. SPARK is the first stage where learners will be able to hear and learn agility, grit, and entrepreneurship stories from successful entrepreneurs.

The SPARK Track
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Topics Covered:

  • Agility:
    1. Agile Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation
    2. Developing a Creative and Adaptive Mindset to Lead in Times of Uncertainty and Volatility.
    3. Understanding Positive Psychology and What it Takes To Truly Be Happy
  • Grit:
    1. Developing Your Personal Brand to Stand Out and Create an Impact on Others
    2. Achieving Better Business Results By Integrating Mindfulness Techniques
    3. Using Storytelling to Influence the World With Impact
  • Entrepreneurship:
    1. Decoding the Entrepreneurial Mindset
    2. Building Successful Startups By Adopting the Gamer's Winning Mindset
    3. Sparking Creativity and Innovativeness in Founders and Entrepreneurs

Recommended for:

The SPARK track is open to everyone who is eager to learn the mindset, heartset, and skillset needed for successful entrepreneurship.

SPARK Certification Advantage

The SPARK completion certificate is the main prerequisite for the learner to join Adopt. ADOPT is SAGE's premier offering of a business model masterclass where aspiring entrepreneurs could translate their ideas, passion, or purpose to an actual business model designed for success.