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Microsoft Azure Deep Learning Track

Deep Learning Track

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Offered and created through our collaboration with Microsoft, this LUNA academy track will help you to have an access to an online world-class technical upskilling program for Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning for Artificial Intelligence applications using Microsoft Azure. This presents a much more advanced program in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for AI or data science professionals, students, analysts, researchers and engineers looking to take their AI competencies and careers to a much higher and more mature level.

This LUNA academy Industry Track will help you learn everything that’s required to help you advance your career in AI by discovering how to build intelligent bots that enable conversational communications between humans and AI systems, as well as design deep semantic similarity models (DSSM) and neural models for machine translations.

You will enjoy accessing the online course content modules, hands-on labs and then celebrate your course completions and successful course achievement through our digital credentialing mechanism in the LUNA academy Learning Platform as well as relevant certification exam vouchers associated on this industry certification track.

This industry track includes engaging hands-on lab activities on AI and Deep Learning technology topics, block-chain authenticated digital credentialing for completion and 4-Hours of Blended Learning Mentorship Session with our Industry experts and blended learning mentor partners.


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Begins with the foundations and fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence on Microsoft Azure

  • Learn the components of a deep neural network and how they work together

  • Learn and explore the basic types of deep neural networks (MLP, CNN, RN, LSTM) and the type of data each is designed for

  • Learn and discover the working knowledge of vocabulary, concepts and algorithms used in Deep Learning

  • Learn how to design and develop an end-to-end model for recognizing hands-written digit images, using multi-class logistic regression and MLP, CNN, RNN and LSTM models and frameworks.

  • Explore algorithms from multi-armed bandits, dynamic programming, TD learning and profess towards larger state space using function approximations using Deep Learning.

  • Learn and discover Reinforcement Learning Problems, Markov Decision Process, Bandits, Dynamic programming, Policy gradients and Actor Critic.

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  1. Track: Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals
  2. Track: Introduction to Python Programming
  3. Track: Machine Learning with Python Programming
  4. Track: Deep Learning Fundamentals
  5. Track: Reinforcement Learning Fundamentals


  1. Skills equivalent to the Introduction to Python Programming course

  2. Basic programming skills and background (C++, Java or Python)

  3. Working knowledge on data science and basics in Artificial Intelligence

  4. Passion for programming and advanced AI implementations