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Data Science Track - Fundamentals

Data Science Track - Fundamentals

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The key role and responsibility of a great data scientist is to produce a strong understanding of a problem or idea, and to build useful models based on that understanding. In order to do that effectively, it’s essential that you have the right skills, tools, and analysis techniques available.

This LUNA academy Industry Track will help you learn everything that’s required to help you advance your career in data science using one of the most popular cloud platforms in the world – Microsoft Azure. It will cover everything from fundamentals of Azure cloud, T-SQL data query, foundations on data science, ethics and laws involved in data analytics, machine learning as well as design and build of data science solutions on the cloud.

You will enjoy accessing the online course content modules, hands-on labs and then celebrate your course completions and successful course achievement through our digital credentialing mechanism in the LUNA academy Learning Platform as well as relevant certification exam vouchers associated on this industry certification track.

Offered through a collaboration with Microsoft, this LUNA academy track will enable you to have an access to an online world-class technical upskilling program for data science. By successfully completing the entire track program, you will have the opportunity to attain our globally recognized certification from Microsoft.

This track includes role-based certification exam vouchers for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (DP-100) and Microsoft Data Scientist Associate (AI-100), Microsoft Official Digital Books and 4-Hours of Blended Learning Mentorship Session with our Industry experts and blended learning mentor partners.


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Learn fundamental knowledge on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and its services

  • Apply Transact-SQL for data query used in data science, reporting analytics and tasks

  • Develop confidence navigating and understanding Data Science frameworks and methodologies using Microsoft Azure

  • Understand and learn more about data’s ethical foundations, business law, data privacy and ethical data practices in the data science field

  • Learn and apply essential mathematics for data science, AI and machine learning practice

  • Design, demonstrate and develop data science and data analytics solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud

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  1. Track: Azure Cloud Fundamentals
  2. Track: Data Query with Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  3. Track: An Introduction to Data Science
  4. Track: Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics
  5. Track: Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning and AI
  6. Track: Data Scientist Associate: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution


  1. Senior High School or Tertiary-level mathematics and statistics

  2. This is ideal for students of data science, data analytics, business, medicine, research & development, scientific fields, engineering, government, IT and computer science

  3. Professionals with entry-level positions in data analytics, data science, AI and Machine Learning industries and sectors

  4. This is designed and ideal for students and working professionals who aim to start their careers primarily in the field of data science, analytics and machine learning.

  5. Passion and willingness to learn new 21st century future ready skills and technologies in the field of cloud computing, analytics and data science