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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Track

Data Analysis Track

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Data analysis skills are in increasing demand across a huge range of industries, but if mathematics is not your strong suit, it can be a daunting thing to learn. This LUNA academy Industry Certification track has been designed with exactly that in mind. It is a complete beginner’s track to guide Filipino learners and students to the subject, covering the basics of data analytics, mathematics, and Excel fundamentals to refresh your memory and build your confidence in these areas.

This LUNA academy Industry Track will help you learn everything that’s required to help you advance your career in data analysis using one of the top tools for data modelling, reporting, analytics and data processing in the world – Microsoft Excel and its built-in pivot tables. It will cover everything from brushing up your mathematics before delving into data analysis, learning how to use Excel functions for data reporting and analysis.

You will enjoy accessing the online course content modules, hands-on labs and then celebrate your course completions and successful course achievement through our digital credentialing mechanism in the LUNA academy Learning Platform as well as relevant certification exam vouchers associated on this industry certification track.

Offered through a collaboration with Microsoft, this LUNA academy track will help you to have an access to an online world-class technical upskilling program for data analysis. You will learn how to perform data analysis using Microsoft Excel’s most popular features, including how to build pivot tables from a range with rows and columns in Excel. You will be able to discover the power of pivots in action through our online hands-on labs and their ability to summarize data in most flexible ways.

This track includes engaging Excel-based hands-on lab activities, block-chain authenticated digital credentialing for completion and 4-Hours of Blended Learning Mentorship Session with our Industry experts and blended learning mentor partners.


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Learn fundamental knowledge and foundations of Data Analysis Using Excel for Beginners

  • Learn and apply Basic Pivot Tables Using Microsoft Excel and perform comparative data analysis using Pivot Tables and the Data Models on Excel

  • Learn and demonstrate basic to advanced business data visualizations for comparing and relating data

  • Understand and learn more about the basic mathematics that powers data analysis

  • Understand and apply important aspects of data, variables, summary of graphical representation of data, business statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

₱ 1,299.00
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  1. Track: Introduction to Data Analysis for Absolute Beginners
  2. Track: Data Analysis Fundamentals Using Microsoft Excel
  3. Track: Data Visualization Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners
  4. Track: Data Analysis Using Excel with Essential Mathematics


  1. Basic understanding of how to create formula and equations and how cells are referenced by rows and columns using Microsoft Excel

  2. This is ideal even for non-technical or non-IT students, fresh graduates or professionals looking to become data analysts, or exploring the data analytics and data science fields.

  3. Professionals from the fields of BPO, KPO, marketing, human resources, business, medicine, research & development, sciences, manufacturing, finance, procurement, engineering, government, IT and computer science

  4. Professionals with entry-level positions in data analytics, data science, AI and Machine Learning industries and sectors

  5. Passion and willingness to learn new 21st century future ready skills and technologies in the field of data analysis and visualization