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Microsoft Excel and Power BI Data Analysis and Visualization Track

Microsoft Excel and Power BI Data Analysis and Visualization Track

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Data analysis and visualization skills are in increasing demand across a huge range of industries. This LUNA academy Industry Certification track has been designed with exactly that in mind. It is a complete beginner’s track to guide Filipino learners and students to the subject, covering the real basics and foundations of business intelligence, data analysis and visualization using the powerful tools and applications of Microsoft – Excel and Power BI.

This LUNA academy Industry Track will help you learn everything that’s required to help you advance your career in analytics by using and learning how to take advantage of the most incredible software tools for data visualization and data analysis. – Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI. This will also cover modules to understand data’s contexts and applications in specific industries and organizational settings.

You will enjoy accessing the online course content modules, hands-on labs and then celebrate your course completions and successful course achievement through our digital credentialing mechanism in the LUNA academy Learning Platform as well as relevant certification exam vouchers associated on this industry certification track.

Offered through our collaboration with Microsoft, this LUNA academy track will help you to have an access to an online world-class technical upskilling program for data analysis and visualization. You will learn how to connect, import, shape and transform data for business intelligence (BI). You will also be able to explore how to build and share real-time dashboards based on reports in Power BI and Microsoft Excel as well as use natural language queries for analysis. You will be able to discover how to learn and test out different types of data analyst roles to see what data problems resonate. This track will definitely prepare you for the Microsoft Data Analyst Associate certification exam.

This industry track includes engaging Microsoft Excel and Power BI based hands-on lab activities, block-chain authenticated digital credentialing for completion and 4-Hours of Blended Learning Mentorship Session with our Industry experts and blended learning mentor partners and Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher for Data Analyst Associate (DA-100).


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Learn to build the most-used and simplest data analysis and visualizations and chart types

  • Understand how interaction, design, and the science of visualization and analysis enhances basic data visualization artifacts

  • Learn to avoid common pitfalls, and make data analysis and visualization that will effectively work

  • Learn and discover to analyze and visualize data, author reports and schedule automated refresh of reports using the (2) of the most powerful analytics tools in the commercial industry, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI

  • Explore and practice common data analyst and visualization techniques while adapting unique scenarios and working with different types of data through the hands-on learning exercises and course activities

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  1. Track: Introduction to Data Analysis for Absolute Beginners
  2. Track: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  3. Track: Data Analysis and Visualization Using Microsoft Excel
  4. Track: Applied Data Analysis in Organizations and Industries


  1. Basic Microsoft Excel proficiency, fundamental mathematics and data visualization fluency backgrounds

  2. Beginner-level or senior high school level statistics. Strong attention to detail and logical / analytical reasoning.

  3. Some basic experience in working with data with and from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, databases or text files

  4. Passion and eagerness on continuous online education and to learn data analysis and visualization competencies and skills.