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AWS Micro Courses

AWS Micro Course Catalog (Annual Subscription)

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Whether you’re exploring new ideas, sharpening your cloud skills, learning about services, or preparing for certification, we have training to help you continually learn new skills and reach your goals

Learn best practices you can use right away, developed from the source based on real-world scenarios from our customers.

Choose from hundreds of courses with over 750 minutes of AWS Microlearning content on the Luna Academy Training and Certification Portal.


In this course, you will learn:

  • Fundamental knowledge on AWS cloud platform and its services

  • New cloud skills and services when and where it’s convenient for you.

  • Develop confidence in using and deploying AWS Solutions

  • AWS Cloud fundamentals

₱ 1,299.00
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  1. Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications
  2. Amazon Aurora MySQL - Migration
  3. Authentication and Authorization with AWS Identity and Access Management
  4. AWS Elemental Foundations - Video Compression Basics
  5. AWS Elemental Foundations - Video Delivery Basics
  6. AWS SaaS Factory Architecture Track: Multi-Tenant Data Partitioning
  7. AWS SaaS Factory Architecture Track: SaaS Identity and Onboarding
  8. AWS SaaS Factory Architecture Track: Tenant Isolation
  9. AWS Security Fundamentals
  10. AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  11. AWS Storage Offerings
  12. CloudEndure Migration Training (Business)
  13. CloudEndure Migration Training (Technical)
  14. Differences Between Security Groups and NACLs
  15. Getting into the Serverless Mindset
  16. Introduction to Amazon Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
  17. Introduction to Amazon Cloud Directory
  18. Introduction to Amazon Direct Connect
  19. Introduction to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
  20. Introduction to Amazon S3
  21. Introduction to AWS Fargate
  22. Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  23. Introduction to AWS Media Services
  24. Introduction to AWS Security Token Services (STS)
  25. Introduction to AWS Snowball Edge
  26. Introduction to AWS Snowmobile
  27. AmazonAuroraServiceIntroduction
  28. AmazonDocumentDBPrimer
  29. AmazonDocumentDBServiceIntroduction
  30. AmazonDynamoDBServiceIntroduction
  31. AmazonElastiCacheServiceIntroduction
  32. AmazonNeptuneServiceIntroduction
  33. AmazonQLDBIntroduction
  34. AmazonQuantumLedgerDatabaseIntroduction
  35. AmazonRDSServiceIntroduction
  36. AmazonRedshiftServiceIntroduction
  37. AmazonVirtualPrivateCloud(VPC)
  38. AWS Foundations: Machine Learning Basics
  39. AWSApplicationServicesOverview
  40. AWSComputeServicesOverview
  41. AWSDevelopmentToolsServicesOverview
  42. AWSIoT:VisualWalkthrough
  43. AWSMessagingServicesOverview
  44. Getting in the Voice Mindset
  45. How Amazon SageMaker Can Help
  46. Instance Isolation with Elastic Network Interfaces
  47. Introduction to Amazon Forecast
  48. Introduction to Amazon Lex
  49. Introduction to Amazon Personalize
  50. Introduction to Amazon Pinpoint
  51. Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Neo
  52. Introduction to Amazon SageMaker
  53. Introduction to AWS Device Farm
  54. Introduction to AWS IoT 1-Click
  55. Introduction to AWS IoT Device Management
  56. Introduction to AWS IoT
  57. Introduction to AWS Machine Learning Services
  58. Introduction to AWS Mobile Hub
  59. Introduction to AWS Mobile SDK
  60. Introduction to AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate
  61. Introduction to AWS Service Catalog
  62. Introduction to Data Encryption
  63. Introduction to Dedicated Instances
  64. Introduction to Serverless Development
  65. Introduction to Skill Concepts
  66. IntroductiontoAmazonEC2SystemsManager
  67. IntroductiontoAmazonKinesisAnalytics
  68. IntroductiontoAmazonKinesisDataAnalyticsforJavaApplications
  69. IntroductiontoAmazonKinesisFirehose
  70. IntroductiontoAmazonMechanicalTurk
  71. IntroductiontoAmazonSimpleWorkflow
  72. IntroductiontoAmazonWorkDocs
  73. IntroductiontoAWSApplicationServices
  74. IntroductiontoAWSBillingandCostManagement
  75. IntroductiontoAWSGroundStation
  76. IntroductiontoAWSInferentiaandAmazonEC2Inf1Instances
  77. IntroductiontoAWSMarketplace
  78. IntroductiontoCloudAdoptionFramework(CAF)
  79. IoT as a First Class Cloud Citizen
  80. IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to AWS Greengrass
  81. JobRolesintheCloud
  82. Machine Learning for Business Challenges
  83. Machine Learning for Leaders
  84. Machine Learning in the Cloud with AWS Batch
  85. PostgreSQLFundamentals
  86. Protecting Your Instance with Security Groups
  87. Solution Detail Internet of Tracking
  88. Solution Detail: Internet of Tracking
  89. Understanding Amazon EBS Volume Encryption
  90. Understanding CIDR Notation
  91. Understanding Live Streaming Workflows
  92. Understanding Monetization Workflows
  93. Understanding Placement Groups
  94. Understanding Video-on-Demand (VOD) Workflows
  95. What is Machine Learning?


  1. Basic level knowledge of mathematics and statistics

  2. Some Python programming experience or beginner-level skills are ideal.

  3. This is ideal for students of data science, data analytics, business, medicine, research & development, scientific fields, engineering, government, IT and computer science

  4. Strong interests and background in survey and statistical experimentations

  5. Professionals with entry-level positions in data analytics, data science, AI and Machine Learning industries and sectors

  6. This is designed and ideal for students and working professionals who aim to start their careers primarily in the field of data science, analytics and machine learning.

  7. Passion and willingness to learn new 21st century future ready skills and technologies in the field of cloud computing, analytics, research methods and data science