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Fundamentals of Python Programming

Course Code: XLT-0004


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About This Course

This is an introductory and beginners’ course to learning and understanding the fundamentals of coding in Python, a powerful, modern, industry demanding language. Participants will learn to write programs, perform various operations, learn flow control, conditional statements and how to work with files and automate tasks. Participants completing this course will be prepared to code simple programs in Python!

This particular course should be attended by those who want to learn the basics of python along with how it can help automate repetitive tasks. Applicable to students, working professionals and PMETs.


Quarter 2: June 08-09
Quarter 3: August 22-23
Quarter 4: November 28-29


This course has no pre-requisites.

What you'll learn

In this course, you will learn how to:
  • Write Python code using variable, data structures, loop constructs and understand the coding framework
  • Understand and use various data types as required by the business objective
  • Identify object-oriented programming techniques and utilize best practices of coding
  • Use conditional statements and loop to control the flow of a Python program
  • Understand and apply the various error handling techniques in Python to identify and mitigate errors in code
  • Apply unit testing and assertion methods to test correctness of functions and Python codes
  • Use libraries in Python to perform numerical computations and access data
  • Extract data using web scraping techniques
  • Formulate business questions and use Python programming to understand the data and answer the questions
  • Understand how to create markdown and docstrings to document information
  • Business cases to understand how Python programming can be effective in an organization setting
  • Understand various business scenarios and choose the appropriate python operations to use to write code
  • Using the error handling methods and the best practices of coding, optimize Python code to solve problems

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Reddivari Bhavani

Bhavani holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering. She brings along a strong grasp of fundamentals in Computer Science, an aptitude for teaching and teamwork, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. She has a great deal of practical experience in classroom and online training for different IT related technologies like Databases, NOSQL, Excel, Business Intelligence, and others.

She has been tutoring and training corporate employees in many major Multi-National Companies across India, Africa & Singapore. She has also mentored more than 5,000+ individuals and various teams. With each session she leads, she brings both empathy and inquiry into the conversation. She helps clients connect the dots, asking the questions that have yet to be asked and bringing consciousness to everyones’ thought process.

Course Details

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    Quarter 2: June 08-09, Quarter 3: August 22-23, Quarter 4: November 28-29
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