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Algorithms and Data Structures

Course Code: MSF-0012


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About This Course

Bring your programming experience, and join us for a deep dive into fundamental concepts that you can use right away. Go underneath the hood of functional algorithms and data structures, and see how they work and how to compare them. Plus, get the details on when and how to use them.

In this real-world-tested curriculum, take a look at famous algorithms and equations, and see how yours stack up. See practical demos, compare “life scenarios” to their coding counterparts, and create an app for your final project.

Add to your developer toolkit with this in-depth exploration of algorithms and data structures.

What you'll learn

  • Algorithmic Analysis
  • Sorting and Searching of Algorithms
  • Data Structures: Linked lists, Stacks, Queues.


Dev277x suggested

Course Syllabus

  • Module 0: Introduction to the course
  • Module 1:
    • Algorithms basics
    • Sorting and Searching
  • Module 2: Algorithmic analysis
  • Module 3:
    • Linked lists
    • Stacks and Queues
  • Final Assessment

Meet the instructor


Sari Kulthm

Senior Content Developer

Microsoft Corporation

Sari Kulthm is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft Learning, with a focus on software development for beginning programmers. A distinguished educator, he taught for many years in academic and non-academic settings. Sari has built and led several technology education programs that aim to close the employment gap. He is also passionate about photography, entrepreneurship, and startups.

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