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A1 for Beginners

Course Code: LGP-0001


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  •   No access to labs
  •   Certificate not included


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  •   Access to all course labs
  •   Blockchain Enabled Certificate
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  • Jan 13 11:00AM - 2:00PM (Mon-Fri)


At the A1 level, you will learn to comprehend and apply recognizable everyday terms and elementary words geared at satisfying concrete requirements. The objective is to be able to introduce yourself and others, including asking and replying to questions about personal information such as residence, acquaintances, and possessions. You can also interact easily if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to assist. With these skills, you can pass the German level A1 exam and obtain a certificate based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Recommended Apps & Other

  • LEO dictionary / dictionary
  • DW Learn German
  • BlinkLearning
  • Other apps or websites will be shared in the course

Course Requirements

  • Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)
  • Headphone/Earphone with microphone and sufficient quality
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to
  • Device capable of handling video conferencing, preferrable laptop or tablet
  • Quiet environment

Topic Outline/Schedule

  • Week 01: Chapter 1 & 2
    • Introducing yourself and others, greetings, alphabet, numbers, talking about work and professions, hobbies, weekdays and arranging meetings
    • Grammar: W-Questions and sentences, regular/irregular verbs and personal pronouns, Yes/No-Questions, definite articles, singular & plural
  • Week 02: Chapter 3 & 4
    • Naming places and buildings, transportations, directions, months and seasons, groceries, food and beverages
    • Grammar: Indefinite and negation articles, imperative sentences, accusative case, sentence structure
  • Week 03: Chapter 5 & 6
    • Family, understanding time, making appointments, phone conversations, talking about leisure time, birthdays and events, understanding dates, writing invitations, ordering drinks and food
    • Grammar: Prepositions for time, possessive articles in nominative and accusative, modal verbs, separable verbs, personal pronouns in accusative, Simple past of haben und sein
  • Week 04: Chapter 7 & 8
    • Understanding Blog articles, dialogues at workplace, working routine, talking about locations, understanding and answering letters, Smalltalk, making requests, understanding and giving instructions, conversations at the doctor
    • Grammar: Sentence connectors, articles in dative case, location with dative, prepositions with dative, imperative informal, modal verbs
  • Week 05: Chapter 9 & 10
    • Understanding apartment ads and describing apartments, talking about locations, talking about the past, daily routine, phone calls, talk about jobs
    • Grammar: Adjectives, prepositions with accusative or dative, present perfect and past participle
  • Week 06: Chapter 11 & 12
    • Compliments, clothes, shopping in the mall, city tours, writing postcards, asking and answering questions about traveling, understanding travel blogs
    • Grammar: Interrogative and demonstrative articles, personal pronouns in dative case, verbs with dative, pronoun: man, question words, time with dative
  • Week 07: Mocktest simulation
    • Speaking and writing preparation, training for reading, listening and vocabs

Instructor Information

  • Jérémy Pellier
  • Chris Scott
  • Mathias Müller
  • Andreas Bäcker
  • Lorenz Wuthrich
  • Kathy Blom

Course Details

  1. Classes Start

  2. Estimated Effort

    3 hrs./day, 5 days/week, 8 weeks, Total of 120 hrs.
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