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Finding Your Why

Course Code: GLC-0005


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“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

It is human nature that anyone wishes to be truly content with their lives. Happiness is an emotion and state of mind that will come and go, while success is ever-changing and subjective. What is innate in everyone, however, and tied to their contentment, is a genuine purpose.

We believe that every single person born into this world has this God-given purpose, no matter how modest or mighty, no matter how hidden or obvious. Given this, for some individuals, it may be easy to discover their way to living a truly purposeful life - but for others, it may be not so clear to figure out.

Finding Your Why seeks to unlock this very personal and life-changing insight in your life through introspection and discernment, as well as empower you to follow through with your learnings and start building the life you are truly meant to live.


At the end of the course, the participants should:
  • Gain a deeper understanding about themselves;
  • Discover what truly drives and motivates them, as well as their strengths and limitations;
  • Be able to formulate a clear-cut and concise personal mission statement;
  • Commence a plan to begin living out the aforementioned statement; and
  • Consistently reflect on possible changes to the aforementioned statement, given the evolving circumstances in their lives.


  • Any individual who would like to discover and learn about themselves more deeply
    • Introduction
    • Lecture: The Daily You (Part 1)
    • Homework
    • Lecture: The Daily You (Part 2)
    • Wrap-Up
    • Coaching/Mentoring (1-on-1, after the course)
  • Materials
  • No reading materials, but the slides used by the instructor will be made available.

  • Assessments
  • Introspection and reflection activities will be provided. Results are to be discussed between the participant and instructor privately.


  • Graduating students or young professionals who are starting out in or figuring out their careers, and want to have a clearer idea of the work they are meant to do
  • Any individual who would like to discover and learn about themselves more deeply


 Aloy Chua

Aloy Chua

CEO & Co-Founder of the Roots Collective


Aloy Chua is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Roots Collective. He is an advocate of truly best living, which he believes can only be done in a purpose that is rooted in awareness towards self, others, society, the environment, and wealth and possessions.

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