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Online SEO Program

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Mixed Content

Applicable to all participants

1 Full Day - 25 Seats Available
  • BATCH 7: October 9, 2021 (Saturday)
  • Time – 9:30am to 6:30pm


A 1-day expert-led, live online crash course on Search Engine Optimization, which will take you through the essentials of content and website strategy and technical understanding to ensure discoverability on the Google search engine. This will cover content framework and strategy, technical know how to ensure content visibility and discoverability.



By the end of this online course, participants will have a technical knowledge of search engine fundamentals, factors for higher ranking SERP, on-page and off-page optimization techniques and metrics that will allow them to create a comprehensive and systematic SEO action plan.



Anyone interested in content strategy, online PR, publishing, and website management.



  • Be able to describe how the search algorithm crawls, indexes, and ranks pages
  • Learn how to determine the quality of your SEO from the technical setup on your website
  • Get to discuss the importance of content and how to ideate on your content strategy to execute your SEO strategy
  • Gain the ability to identify strategies that can be done within owned pages and through promotions to optimize for search
  • Know how to determine how SEO performance can be measured




A CDM Certification is the Philippines’ only trusted digital professional certification recognized by the industry. It is an assurance of credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education. Recognized by a network led by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) and the 500+ members of CDM’s Subject Matter Experts, industry partner associations, top corporations, and local & international advisory board members, it is a formal documentation that demonstrates proficiency and competency in digital.

Your CDM Certification and education will allow you to network with like-minded professionals.

Should you wish to earn a CDM Certificate, you are required to complete a CDM Digital Training program, take, and pass the Certification Exam. An additional fee applies when you select the CDM Certification Program. However, if you prefer not to take the Certification Exam, you could opt for just a Certificate of Participation that will be given as proof of class attendance.




1. Crawl-Index-Rank: How Search Works 2. Technical Hygiene Factors
3. Content-Based Ranking Factors
4. On-Page Optimization Techniques

5. Off-Page Optimization Techniques 6. SEO Measurement


1. Technical Audit
2. Keyword List
3. Content Planning
4. On-Page Action Plan 5. Off-Page Action Plan



  • Crawl-Index-Rank: How Search Works
    • Search Engine Loop: Crawl-Index-Rank
    • Crawling: Spiders, Links, Robots.txt
    • Indexing: Indexing Frequency
    • Ranking: LDA and LSI Algorithms
  • Technical Hygiene Factors
    • URL
    • Sitemaps
    • Website Loading Speed
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Content-Based Ranking Factors
    • Keyword Research: Keyword Purpose Matching, Semantic Relevance, Long-Tail Framework
    • Creative Best Practices: SEO Writing, Content Planning
  • On-Page Optimization Techniques
    • Header Tags
    • Internal Linking
    • Metatagging and Metadescriptions
    • Managing Non-Text Content Formats
    • Agile Publishing for SEO
  • Off-Page Optimization Techniques
    • Blacklinking
    • Content Syndication
    • Engagement Signals on Social Media
  • SEO Measurement
    • SEO Metrics
    • SEO Auditing Tools
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